Traditional Garden Games

Prices from £295.00

(Price can vary dependent on location, date and timings)

With so many couples wanting vintage themed weddings. What is more vintage than traditional wooden garden games to get guests interacting and having fun.
We also are proud to have the largest and best selection of games in South Wales and the South West.

If you are having a outdoor event, summer wedding or party and want some fun games to entertain your guests, then these are ideal. In an age of video games and smart phones, these are games that every generation can play together. With a HUGE selection of games  to choose from, we are sure to have something that you will love.

Our games will help keep children and adults occupied, hopefully together and take us all back to the days when playing outside was the norm and before games where on our phones and children were entertained with iPads.

These are ideal for children from 3 - 103 years old. These are premium, wooden games and although children can play with them, we always recommend and adult is with them to prevent losses or damages.
Garden Game Hire

Our New and Improved Games Packages.

All our new games packages now come FULLY SET UP. Your package price includes an enclosed area with bunting, crates, signs, chalkboards and accessories to make it a real feature on your day. A “Statement” area for the young and young at heart, to play and have fun.

Our games fall in to three categories, Standard games worth 1 point, Premium worth 2 points and Premium plus worth 3 points. Choose any of our games and we have multiple games should you want two or even three of any one game, i.e. 3 Premium Jenga. 

Our Starting STANDARD package has 12 Points,  which you can use for any of the games below.  This is £295.00

Our Next package is our SUPERIOR Package  and has 18 Points, which you can use on any of the games below.  This is £375.00

There is then our DELUXE Package has 24 points,  This is £450.00

You can also purchase addition points for £25.00 per point.

Here are the games available to hire:

Standard Games - 1 point each game

Perfect for ever occasion. High quality games that are perfect for all venues.

  • Traditional Wooden Rounders Set (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
  • Wooden Cricket Set, we use a softer ball. (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
  • Giant Wooden Pick Up Sticks (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Basic Rope Quoits (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Garden Wooden Dominos (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Frisbee game 
  • Tug of War (Outdoor Only)
  • Garden Wooden Dice x 6 (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Horse shoe toss (Outdoor Only)
  •  Basic Tin Can Alley (Outdoor or Indoors)
  •  Basic Wooden Skittles (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Traditional school sports day games. Includes egg and spoon, sack race, three legged race. (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
  • Hook a Duck, with traditional oval tin buckets, fishing rods......and ducks. (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Basic Garden Wooden Tower set.  Will gain a height of around 1.5m before collapsing. (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Bean Bag Toss (Outdoor or Indoors)
  • Nordic Lawn Bowling Game (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
  • Lawn / Sand Boules (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
  • Alice in Wonderland Croquette Set. (Outdoor Only)

Premium Games - 2 points each game

We have sourced world class games from the best companies that supply Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nics. These games are of the highest quality and for customers that want and expect the very best.

* Deluxe Kids Selection Box - Including Crazy golf, 4-in-a-row, Domino, Hopscotch, Giant Lawn Darts, Comet Lawn  * Darts, Snakes and Ladders and Kids Croquet Set
* Traditional Croquet Set ( Outdoor Only, Large Area Required )
* Premium mini Indoor Skittle Alley, This is around 1m in length with mini skittles ( Indoor Only )
* Premium Indoor Shuttle Puck, This is a beautiful game for serious and fun play. ( Indoor Only )
* Premium Quoits
* Premium Hardwood Four-in-a-Row
* Premium Limbo
* Premium Ladder Golf
* Premium Rosewood Skittles
* Premium Garden Wooden Noughts & Crosses with a rope "frame" (Outdoor or Indoors
* Air table tennis table (Requires putting together by us when we drop off) (Outdoor or Indoors)
* Children Wooden "mud" kitchen with utensils.
* 8 ft Beer Pong / Prosecco Pong Table. Plastic beer and / or Prosecco cups included. (Outdoor or * Indoors)
* Badminton / Tennis / Volley Ball set with free standing net (Outdoor Only, Large Area Required)
* Giant Snakes & Ladders, ( Large area required 3m x 3m ).
* Giant Twister, (Large area required 3m x 3m).
* Giant Kerplunk
* Premium Full sized Corn Hole
* Premium Rustic Ring Toss
* Premium Wooden Skittle Alley 
* Golf putting 
Premium "Play your Cards Right"
* Premium "Hugs & Kisses"

Premium Plus Games - 3 Points each game

Our "Ultra" Premium Games are our biggest games that are great statement pieces. 

* Giant Draughts, ( Large Area 3m x 3m ).
* Giant High Tower, not for the meek! This enormous set will be a real challenge as it can grow to over 6ft tall. We highly recommend have a large space around the game, to allow it to tumble without damaging furniture.
* Mega Premium Four in a Row. With counters the size of side plates, this is a real statement game
* Five Aside Football ( Outdoor Only, Large Area Required )
* Deluxe Croquet, with hard wood stand on wheels, four adult mallets and  two children mallets.  Our most expensive game.
* One Hole of Rustic Crazy Golf ( 9 Available)