New Games Packages

We've completely changed all of our games packages for future bookings.

We've now included that we will set up the games for you and create an area with signs, bunting, crates and baskets. This area will be then easily identified as the games area.

This means all our games will be shown off at their very best, so guests can fully enjoy them. Set-up professionally and in the right way, taking away the stress of setting them up.

April 2022

Well it kind of feels like Spring!
Longer nights and a few warm days but it's still a bit chilly.
We are so grateful to still be here trading after two years of Covid. So many businesses did not survive. We know because we have taken on lots of bookings from customers who lost their bookings when companies closed their doors.
As we start our busy period, we are grateful to our customers, our team, great venues and amazing suppliers. 
Let's make this summer a great one.
Wayne & Sarah xx

Brecon Jazz Festival 2022

We are delighted to be involved in this years Brecon Jazz Festival as part of the organisation team.
There are certain events that take place in South Wales that really showcase the people, the towns and local suppliers. Brecon Jazz is one of those.
We really believe people this year will be excited to get out in the sunshine and enjoy time listening to world class musicians, dine in great restaurants and relax in the beautiful Brecon Beacons.

Support for Ukraine

Like most people. We are heartbroken over this European country being smashed apart by Russia.

Therefore we are running a silent raffle to raise money for Ukraine.

Bid for your own casino and every penny raised will go to support Ukraine.

Happy Bidding

March 2022

What an exciting year!!

If we stopped taking bookings today, it would already be a record year for us. So we really cannot complain. We know our packages are what attracts customers to us. Casino and Magic Mirror, Ice Cream Trike and Games, Trike and Magic Mirror etc. Then some customers choose three or four services. Saving them money and having lots of fun stuff for guests.

We generally invest between 10/20% of sales back into the business. New games, new equipment etc. So a record year will mean better equipment and new services in 2022 and 2023. It's also great to be getting bookings in 2024. Who will be our first 2025 booking?