We never cancel a booking, unlike some companies.

Again today, we were contacted by a customer who was let down by a fun casino company (Bristol based). This company contact them this morning and cancelled their booking. It was their wedding party.

That is why, you should always look at the customer feedback and the professionalism of the company you book. Do they have Public Liability Insurance?, PAT testing certificates?, a Food Rating if applicable? These things show that the company you are using is trading as a professional business. 

For many people, booking a fun casino, a magic mirror or ice cream trike is on a day is the icing on the cake. However, without icing, the cake can be pretty boring. With the care taken to get the venue right. Take the same care to ensure all your other suppliers are reputable too. If a price seems too good to be true..............

We have a list of great suppliers we recommend, you can book with confidence with us and anyone we recommend.