We think its really important that our web site and blog is up to date. 

This allows you to look back at what we do, find out a bit about us and allows you to make an informed decision about who you choose to have at your wedding or event.

We also sometimes recommend some very special suppliers. We do this because we believe these companies share our passion for you as a customer and because we love their products. We don't ask them to do the same for us. That's not why we do it. As newly weds ourselves, we were as confused and bewildered as you about how many suppliers are out there. We just hope our recommendations help you on your journey.

Our Facebook page is a great place to see pictures of recent events and to read our customer reviews. EVERY REVIEW IS GENUINE. We don't ask friends, family or colleagues to review us. It sounds obvious but actually some competitors reviews are as trust worthy as a chocolate teapot!! 

Lastly, over the next few months we will post some suggestions about casino playing tips to help you if you are new to casinos and would like some tips or guidance on how to play. Maybe your are off to Vegas and need some help? If these help but you want more advice, we can also offer some home lessons to get you ready for Vegas.