How to Play Blackjack.

Part of the appeal of a fun casino, is that no real money changes hands. No risk!

At most events around 90% of players are new / novice players, so it's our teams job to help you play. 

However for those that want a head start to know the games, I thought over the next few weeks I would share some videos and tips that new players may find useful.

Our first video is on Blackjack. Just click the link and watch this simple 5 minute video.

I have also attached a link to a site that has a "Basic Strategy Card". This card tells you when to take another card and when to stay / stick with your hand. It's very useful for new players.

Remember at our fun casinos, our staff will do their very best to help you learn to play and have fun too.

If you are going on a cruise or off to Las Vegas and would like us to come to your home and help you learn, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Craps. We offer in home lessons over two hours. Prices starting at just £99.00. At the end, you will be able to walk up to a casino table and have a good basic understanding of the above games. This can also be purchased as a present for friends or family.