Corona Virus

Hi Everyone,

Like you all, we are concerned over the recent developments of the virus and that it has reached the UK.

We are taking steps to ensure we do our very best to keep you safe at events we attend. In our previous jobs we worked in the hygiene industry and so understand better than most the necessary steps to maintain a strong hygiene business. With this experience we are implementing the following measures.

  • No staff will attend any event is they are unwell.
  • All our team will wash their hands every 30 minutes at every event. This may mean closing casino tables for 5 minutes but that is all that will be needed.
  • Every casino table, magic mirror, garden game etc will be thoroughly cleaned before every event with an anti-bacterial spray.
  • All casino chips will be cleaned before every event in a strong anti-bacterial solution.
  • We will only be using hard plastic props with our Magic Mirror and again, these will be cleaned before every event with a strong anti-bacterial solution. You can also request not to have props with the Magic Mirror.
Our customer and our teams well-being is foremost on our minds.

We believe that with the above measures we are protecting everyone to the highest standards possible.

Sarah Ashe, Director of The Little Events Company ltd.