S & W Handmade Designs.

Handmade, made to order products.

During lockdown, we had to think about how we could keep ourselves occupied and how we could save and make money. That's how S & W Handmade designs came into existence. Certainly, COVID-19 has brought many hardships to people but it has also brought new opportunities too. 

You will start to see our products for hire in our Events business too. We will have copper pipe stands for our Neon Lights. Copper pipe frames for our indoor cinema screens and our resin products will be wedding favours and prizes for our fun casino winners.

We have created some unique, handmade items that will be for sale locally and through "Etsy". Allowing small businesses the opportunity to showcase their products.
Sarah has focused on Resin based products and Wayne has created Copper Pipe Art and practical items. Through lockdown, we wanted to create things that we love and that we would buy ourselves.

Every item ordered, is made to order. This enables you to give your input and we can then tailor make each item just as you want it. This means every item sold is unique to you and made exactly how you want and need it to function.

Love what you see? The order through our Etsy Page:

Resin Inspired Items.

Resin is a wonderful product to work with. It can be clear, coloured, any shape and contain flowers, glitter or tiny objects.
Each piece we make, is to order. You can choose from lots of options, ensuring the item you receive is personal to you.
Smaller items come in a pretty colour co-ordinated pouch.
Soon to come are coaster, chess pieces, Star Wars and Disney pieces.

Hand Made Resin Key Rings

Hand Made Resin Lego Inspired Pieces

Hand Made Resin Split Heart Key Rings.

Copper pipe products.

Our beautiful copper pipe items are all hand made by us. Each order is made just for you and once made, it is rubbed down and then polished. Items take around a week to process.

New lines will be added over the next few weeks including: Wine racks, Headphone stands and a chess set.

Copper Pipe Pot and Pan Kitchen Stands, large double pot and small single pot.

Copper Reindeer / Stag Antlers (Over 60 individual pieces of copper go into this piece of art)

4ft Christmas tree (This requires more than 70 individual copper pieces)

3ft Christmas Tree

Jewelery Stand

Kitchen Roll Holder

Toilet Roll Holder.

Bathroom Towel Rail

Phone stand

Tablet Stand

Headphones Stand

Wine Rack

 Letter Rack

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