Outdoor Lighting

We have two lighting systems available

Choose from placeable lanterns that change colour and that add vibrance to any outdoor setting. We also have up to 400ft of string lights that use 1.2m Shepard hooks to hang from.

Wireless Laterns

In various shapes and sizes.

We offer a bespoke outdoor event lighting that will match your event and requirements.

Our range of outdoor lighting provides a great addition to any event, with a variety of different lighting types available.  Waterproof mood lights are the perfect solution for illuminating outdoor areas . This will create additional mood lighting to events extending the atmosphere to the surrounding outside area.

They come in various sizes and shapes and can be safely left in any area. As they are completely water resistant to British weather they can be safely left outdoors even in the rain or snow. In fact, I think they would look amazing in the snow.

These lights are wireless and will have a two week charge that just needs boosting with some sunlight. They can set to come on automatically at dusk in your chosen colours, or be manually switched on.
We are completely flexible over hire periods from 1 day / weekends / longer term hire. Add them to any of our packages like garden games, cinema or casino and magic mirror. Then you can maximise on package discounts.

Hire as part of one of our package or on there own 

String Lights

These come in lengths of 100ft with 50 lights per 100ft. Lengths can then be added at 100ft at a time. So, 100ft, 200ft, 300ft and 400ft. 

How do they work?

We can install these at your venue using 1.2m sherpard hooks to hang the lights or from ceilings, walls, trees etc. These lights operate from a normal plug and we can provide waterproof extension leads so they are totally safe for outdoor use.* Perfect for rustic weddings that need additional outdoor lighting for guests safety.
* For parties that need added ambience.
* To guide guests along dark paths and lanes.